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Final SCALED Conference

Inclusion and accessibility in language education 2

Basic Information

When: 15-16 June 2023

Where: Vienna House Mokotów Hotel, Postępu 4, Warsaw, Poland

Who: foreign language teachers, academic teachers, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and EMI (English Medium Instruction) teachers, teacher trainees

Costs: free of charge (including accommodation and meals)

Conference Circular: download here

Register to participate at the venue [closed]: registration form – onsite participation

Register to participate online [closed]: registration form – online participation

The goal

The goal of the conference was to share good practices in inclusive and accessible language instruction and assessment for diverse students and to present the final product of the SCALED project – the online course for teacher professional development. Presentations covered the topics of:

  • Accessibility and inclusion in language education
  • Strategies for inclusive language teaching and assessment for diverse students
  • Universal Design for Learning and accommodations in language education
  • Accessible digital learning materials and platforms

For more information about the SCALED project visit the About Project page.


The attendees participated in plenary talks and presentations. Each day, participants were able to attend two plenary sessions and two presentations.
The conference programme and abstracts can be found in the menu to the right.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation for participants who need it was be provided at the conference venue in double rooms.
The organiser provided different dietary options during meals, including coffee breaks, lunches, and a conference dinner.


The organiser provided accommodations to persons with special needs who requested them in the registration forms.