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About the Project

SCALED – Supporting Content and Language Learning Across Diversity

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The project aims to promote equity and anti-discrimination, inclusive activities in language education and through language, consisting in increasing accessibility (including digital accessibility) and universal design in education. Inclusion and accessibility concern all learners, but in particular we want to pay attention to people with special educational needs, resulting, for example, from a disability, chronic disease or specific learning difficulties. Through several project activities, we strengthen institutional cooperation with our partner, jointly developing a new educational offer (a course) to improve the quality of teaching foreign language teachers and academic teachers in the field of inclusive teaching.

The aim of the SCALED project is to compile a report on good practices and a methodological guide as well as to develop an online course (interactive and self-study mode that can be adapted to onsite use) in the field of inclusive education methods, universal design for learning, differentiated instruction and methods of increasing the accessibility of the teaching process, content and materials in the context of foreign language teaching and education through language (EFL, CLIL, EMI). The course, based on the latest research findings and trends in education, will be part of the initial training and professional development of pre-service and in-service foreign language teachers and academic teachers. The project responds to the needs of the academic and school community. The course will equip teachers with tools to eliminate barriers and effectively include all students in the language education process. Appropriate professional training of teachers in terms of responding to the diverse needs of all learners, especially people with special educational needs, is a necessary condition for social inclusion. Long-term benefits include equalizing educational opportunities and significantly improving the well-being of people learning foreign languages and learning content through a foreign language.

The course will be available as part of open educational resources and widely disseminated locally and internationally and included in the educational offer of partner universities.

The project is coordinated by the University of Warsaw, Oslo Metropolitan University is our project partner. The project leader, Centre of Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education, is supported by two other University of Warsaw’s departments – Digital Competences Centre and Office for Persons With Disabilities. The project is aided by colleagues from other UW faculties. Oslo Metropolitan University is represented by researchers from the Faculty of Education and International Studies and the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.


Project promoter University of Warsaw
Project number PL-EDUCATION-0146
Initial project cost €117,960
Donor project partner Oslo Metropolitan University