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Friends of SCALED

dr Usree Bhattacharya – University of Georgia

dr Raees Calafato – University of South-Eastern Norway

dr Asli Lidice Göktürk Saglam – University of South Eastern Norway

Elaine Gowie-Fleischer

dr Nayr Correia Ibrahim – Nord University, Norway

dr Sviatlana Karpava – University of Cyprus

dr Jenny Liontou – The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Virginia (Gini) Lockhart-Pedersen – The Norwegian National Center for English and Foreign Languages

dr Asma Maaoui – University of Tunis

dr Eleni Meletiadou – London Metropolitan University Guildhall School of Business and Law

Kirsti Ørvik – Kragerø Læringssenter in Kragerø, Norway

Kirstin Reed – Oslo Metropolitan University

dr Thomais Rousoulioti – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Andrew Skinner – British Council

Theresé Tishakov – Oslo Metropolitan University

prof. Karin Vogt – University of Education Heidelberg, Germany