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Partner Meeting 3

The third partner meeting was held at the University of Warsaw in Poland on 13 – 14 June 2023. 

The meeting covered various topics related to the project’s progress and future plans.

Project realization, management, monitoring, and evaluation

The team reviewed the overall progress of the project, discussing achievements and challenges encountered as well as project management strategies and monitoring mechanisms. The meeting addressed the second interim report and upcoming final report, reviewing the necessary documentation and procedures to comply with the requirements. Post-project exploitation strategies were discussed to maximize the impact and sustainability of the project outcomes.

Results, objectives, and indicators

The meeting focused on evaluating the achieved results against the project objectives. Key performance indicators were analysed to measure the project’s success and identify areas for improvement.

Output 2 – SCALED course – pilot stage and evaluation by external experts

The pilot stage report for Output 2 was reviewed, discussing the findings and lessons learned. The team analysed the feedback received during the pilot stage and evaluation reports by two external experts. The team developed an action plan to address the recommendations.

Output 3 – SCALED online course – e-learning platform

The e-learning platform, the online SCALED course as well as the accessibility report for the e-learning platform associated with Output 3 were presented and reviewed. 

Dissemination activities

During the meeting the team reviewed the dissemination activities performed during the project lifetime in accordance with the dissemination plan. The final conference details were addressed, focusing on technical issues, logistics, program structure, guest speakers and participant arrangements. Sign language interpreters and professional recording services were arranged for inclusive and comprehensive conference coverage.